Goldfish Longevity

I was in my back garden enjoying the sun last week, at the same time looking at my fish pond.  Various incarnations of a ‘pond’ have existed in my parents garden for as long as we’ve been living here. First it was a hole in the ground, with some PVC; then it was a crappy little plastic mould, and now it’s a proper brick built thing, with UV filters; aeration units, and underwater lights.  We’ve got a couple of Koi carp and goldfish.  I was thinking to my self, as I sat there, that most of the fish in there are familiar to me, as,  they’ve obviously been mine at some point. My father and I have not added any fish to the pond for ten years; maybe more. There’s a Koi Karp in there; which I bought when I was 11- I’m nearly 29 now; and I’m assuming the fish was at least a year old when I purchased it; so there’s a eighteen year old fish swimming around in there(He’s the one below the white and black fishes). What’s even more interesting is; of the goldfish that are in there;  I can actually  remember acquiring most of them clear as day. The oldest is ‘Walter’.  I won him at the school fair, (or fayre if ye’ are into archaic ways of spelling) when I was six years old. ‘Walter’ went into a goldfish bowl; and for a number of months, he was miserable, just swimming around in circles, and eating his own faeces. My father said that we should put him in the pond, and we did; and he’s still swimming around out there today (he’s the white one above the old Koi) – So that makes him at least 23 years old. Walter the second coming is also in there as well; along with ‘Henry’ and ‘Henry the second’.  What kind of warped kid gives his gold fish names like ‘Henry’ and ‘Walter’?  Curious about how long these fish live; I gave old Google a try; and it turns out; goldfish often reach 30; and the oldest was 43 (the oldest goldfish) So ‘Walter’ and the boys, have got a long way to go before they’ll be famous.


I’ve been finding myself falling into this routine of riding my bike down to the sea, and sitting there watching the sun set. Before I went away to sea; I used to seldom watch sun sets; don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy them on occasion,  but it’s been an almost nightly occurrence recently.  I guess Meols, on The Wirral attracts me; and it always has due to the yachts down there. Thinking about getting my yacht is pretty much a constant for me; but I had a bit of a word with myself whilst I was down there.  It’s a long way off; and I need to start ticking off other goals that are more short term.  I have a shed load of study that needs to be done for my Merchant Navy studies- I could do with concentrating on my fitness; the list goes on.   It’s time to pull my finger out.


Still, It’s ace when something you’re attracted to is as pretty as the picture above.  I realised though, that I truly do love being at sea. I love being out there; where the horizon is  oblivious.  When I ride home, I have to ride down lanes like this…


So, I’m not going to stop riding down there, and sitting there all grumpy and ‘lonely’ – I like it very much.

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