My first sea trip….

Some pictures, and some video clips from my first trip on a Bulk carrier. Apologies for the cheesy Gordon Lightfoot overkill; who am I kidding? I’m not sorry. I slung these together whilst on board.  From occasionally popping my head into my parents living room since being back,  it seems M83 (the musical outfit) are pretty much the ‘go to’ band for selling shite on the box.

Me and the other Cadet were wondering around in Izmit, Turkey, looking for a place to have a beer….To no avail …so I asked some girls on the street the idiosyncratically British question “Where’s the pub?” – to cut a long story short, they took us all over the city, and up on a bus into the mountains, where we attended a Salasa class in a very American style university. They spent the entire day looking after us; with the aid of an English App on one of the their phones, and sent us on our way with a present which they all chipped in for, and insisted that we took! I told them, I’d come back and see them when I got my yacht; but I’m not sure I was fully understood…they’re on my Facebook, so if I’m around there on my boat in a few years, who knows!  It restored my faith in human nature; which, the day before,  had been utterly bismarked’ in an internet cafe, by a Muslim chap wanking himself off to porn on the next computer to me!  Obviously, Egypt looks awesome from that video; but as older posts in this blog depict; I was close to death there! So I look back on that experience with mixed emotions.

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