Wisdom comes with winters….

Ahh, there’s nothing like an Oscar Wilde quote to kick off a reflective blog . . .I’m about to hit a new milestone; the age of 29 years.

I’m currently in the second month of my second phase of college; and I have to say that it’s been nothing short of a baptism of fire on an academic level.

There’s been times this month, where I’ve said to myself “Go home, you can’t do this” and there’s been times where I’ve gone on to google search and typed in things like “UK O/S jobs” and “UK Ratings sea jobs” and just last week; I even enquired about a ratings position. I have been daunted by sheer intensity of the work; and it’s probably going to get worse. So applying for remedial positions was my solution…Thankfully though; I’ve weathered that metaphorical storm, and the way things stand at the moment, I have shown  myself that I do want this career at sea; despite the unpleasantness of my initial sea trip; and I’ve also come to the conclusion that I can be a coward; and in the past; I might have tried to avoid difficult situations; rather than deal with them; this buck needs to stop. So, I have told myself that this course is not a ‘mickey mouse’ walk in the park; it will take a lot of effort.  I know my strengths; and I know my weaknesses. I am aware of the opportunities to counteract my weakness; and I am aware of the threats that could counteract my strengths.  Self assessment using the old S.W.O.T analysis method. Damn; I’m good.

The plan, which has already been implemented I might add, is to reduce my procrastination activity…as sadly…that’s something that’s never going to pay, and it needs to be drastically diminished; if my battered and ageing brain is to retain enough information for me to scrape through my HNC and my O.O.W qualifications; which is now my only goal. All my other far off hopes, and dreams have been put on the ‘later-base’

I posted a Bernard Motissier quote a few weeks ago, about picking the easy option; and not over complicating things. Things are simple. I need to pass a HNC in Nautical Science.  This spare pillow I bought will be put to good use. I’m gonna cuddle the shit out of it in the coming months. 


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