The other night; I was pulling my hair out; over my looming celestial navigation exam.  Stupidly; and rather embarrassingly it was a resit. Towards the end of last term, things got a bit mad; with my signals exam; which in hindsight was easy. A very big thing was made out of the fact that if we failed signals then we’d have to pay to take the resit. So I made the choice to concentrate on signals; and to neglect the celestial stuff. I fucked up the celestial navigation exam comprehensively; I scored about 16 marks out of 100. I’d done a few azimuths; and amplitudes when I was on my first ship; so this should have been easier than I made it.  I’m sitting there in the middle of a large ‘Marcq St Hilaire’ intercept method question, and I decided to search for “star” in my media folder.

Here’s a rather select choice of ‘star’ themed songs from my music collection.


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