Commencement of phase four.

Phase four . . .sounds almost ominous; does it not?  I’m finally through phase three of my training; which basically means all the heavy academic stuff is out of the way; which I am pleased with. Towards the end of the phase; my patience was wearing thin. People were getting to me; although, I should be well aware that people are scum  and you should well and truly ‘row your own boat’ – I’d like to think that every time someone shits on me, I’d learn a little; and be able to deal with it more efficiently next time; next time maybe?  Exams were getting on top of me as well; and it got the point where I was literally doing ‘enough to pass’ – and pass I did.


Phase 3 was challenging; and in hindsight; I am pleased that I’ve got through; because there was a point during GMDSS were I honestly thought that I was going to jack it in; and it was only due to the support of my Girlfriend; that I didn’t raise the white flag; and she’s the reason I’m sat here now ‘waiting’ to join my ship. I passed, and that’s all’s that matters. Sure I could have done more; but I’ve always been that guy who does enough to get by. Image

Fairhaven Lake, nr Lytham St Annes



I don’t want to dwell too much on the past; but rather, look to the future. The dream of one day owning my own yacht is drawing ever closer- so close in fact, that I am tomorrow going to have a look at one. Nothing big enough to live on, but something I can go out into the Irish Sea with and get to grips with sailing on. The only obstacle is moorings! This week, I will go and find out about swing moorings down at Meols.   I’m now 9 months of sea time, and 2 months of Orals/SQA prep away from attaining my COC. That will hopefully mean, money, a job I enjoy, and enough time off to live on my yacht in Crete.




So now, I must wait.




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