I was just a stupid kid back then. . .




Last Tuesday; I went to see The Alkaline Trio at Manchester. I don’t really like to admit it, because they’re a bit of a ‘girls band’ – in the sense that their lyrics are, I don’t know . . more aimed at the female psyche; and a majority of their hard core fans that I’ve come across have always tended to be weird ‘Emily strange types’ . Put the knife down, Sadie.  In any case, I love Alkaline Trio!

Not much has changed since I last seen the trio; which, incidentally, was the last punk rock show I went to! The majority of the fans were the aforementioned ‘Emily strange’ types; and there was lots of dipshits with backpacks on. Why would anyone take a backpack to a fucking punk rock show? I guess with a coming together of alternative ‘types’ or ‘scene kids‘ – a self confessed misanthropist like myself would be asking for trouble. . .


I missed the Murderburgers; because I was hungry; not because I was too cool to watch support bands. I really wanted to see them, but the way things panned out- I ended up in Subway, having my tea whilst they were playing, not getting a burger; which would have been apt!  I felt bad, because I’ve been there before, supporting a touring band, and then had a whole crowd of people arrive as we’d finished- that being said; we were shit!

I arrived just in time for Bayside. Now, Bayside is a name I remember.  I remember when I found a cover of the song “Megan” (Which is one of my favorite songs ever) by the band Bayside a fair few years back- I looked at them (they looked a bit like goths) and at the time, there was all this “emo” nonsense that I despised doing the rounds – bands like Taking Back Sunday, Finch, and, I’m struggling to remember the rest…Friday or something? I hated that genre, and I still do to this day.

How wrong I was about Bayside! They came on stage; and the only bad thing I could say about them, was the sound levels not being ideal; the backing vocals were a little lost– but you always get this at gigs, don’t you?  Support bands not being given a fair go of the ‘rig’ – which is very annoying from a musicians/sound engineers perspective!  They were melodic, tight, and they sounded like they’d been influenced by a lot of bands I love- I heard Josh Caterer overtones with the vocals; pretty blatantly- but I wasn’t complaining! The melodies; and structures of most of the songs, were similar to Alkaline Trio; they definitely embodied that ‘boston punk’ sound- but I couldn’t help but link them to ALL (of the descendants fame)   So I’ve been listening to Bayside whilst shredding out the miles on my bike! Glad that I found them, and gave them a chance! Their merchandise was better than Alkaline Trio’s as well; but that’s not saying much. I’ve been to about 6 or 7 Alkaline Trio shows; and I like them enough to wear a T shirt of theirs; but every time I’m there at the merch’ stand- all I see is Coffins, skulls, and other cartoon esque morbid shite! No thanks!

Also, Bayside’s singer, Anthony Raneri has a class EP, and I can’t get enough of this song!


Alkaline Trio started off sluggish; and gradually achieved their usual full flight! The sound again, was a bit of a let down. Attention The Ritz –

  • Your sub’ speakers are completely inadequate.
  • You need to consider acoustics before you go wading in and installing a sound rig.
  • Your sound engineer should be sent back to Leeds MET to redo his Multimedia degree.

They finished with ‘Radio’; and I if my memory is on the ball (it usually isn’t) they played Mr Chainsaw,  Time to waste, and Sadie- which ticked all my boxes! Derek is a fantastic drummer, but I have to say that he’s still my 2nd favorite Alkaline Trio drummer, because Mike Felumlee is the bee’s knees!


I shouldn’t leave it so long between going to punk rock shows!



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